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Victoria memorial tickets: Nestled in the heart of Kolkata, West Bengal, the Victoria Memorial stands as a majestic tribute to Queen Victoria, a relic of the British Raj in India. Open from 10 am to 6 pm every day, this architectural marvel, completed in 1921, showcases the Indo-Saracenic Revival style, constructed entirely from exquisite white marble. Spanning across 64 acres, the memorial boasts a lush green garden adorned with statues and sculptures. The iconic 16-foot bronze statue of victory atop the memorial enhances its grandeur, while the night illumination transforms it into a breathtaking spectacle. Visitors can also enjoy additional attractions such as statues, sculptures, and captivating Sound and Light Shows. Commemorating Queen Victoria’s 25 years of rule in India, the Victoria Memorial stands as an enduring and iconic symbol of Kolkata, inviting all to relive the opulence of the Victorian era.

NameVictoria Memorial, Kolkata
LocationKolkata, West Bengal, India
Date & Time10am to 6pm(All DAYS)
Built-inMemory of Queen Victoria
Construction PeriodCompleted in 1921
Architectural StyleIndo-Saracenic Revival
Materials UsedWhite Marble
Garden Area64 Acres
Key Feature16-Foot Bronze Statue of Victory
Night IlluminationBreathtakingly Beautiful
Additional AttractionsStatues, Sculptures, Sound and Light Shows
SignificanceCommemorates Queen Victoria’s 25 Years of Rule in India
Overall ImpressionIconic Symbol of Kolkata

Ticket price

Ticket price for Victoria Memorial at Kolkata starts from Rs. 50 onwards, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Victoria Memorial GalleryTicket prie
Opening Hours10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Closed onMondays and designated National Holidays
IndiansRs. 50/- (per head)
Foreigners (SAARC Countries)Rs. 100/- (per head)
Nationals of Other CountriesRs. 500/- (per head)
Free Admission forSchool students up to Class XII in uniform with School ID; differently-abled visitors with U.D.I.D Card; and army personnel and their accompanying spouses and children on production of ID Cards for each
Ticket Counter ClosureHalf an hour before the closure of galleries
The Gardens 
Opening Hours5:30 AM – 6:00 PM
TicketsDaily ticket: Rs. 30/- (per head, per entry)
Annual Rate for Morning WalkersRs. 1,000/- (Senior Citizens above 60 years)
 Rs. 2,000/- (Others)
Garden Ticket does not entitle entry to the museum building 
RulesThe office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays of every month and other Indian Government Holidays
Projection Mapping Show 
Show TimingsTuesday: Bengali – 6:30 PM
 Wednesday: English – 6:30 PM
 Thursday: Hindi – 6:30 PM
 Friday: Bengali – 6:30 PM
 Saturday: Hindi – 6:30 PM
 Sunday: Bengali – 6:30 PM
Scheduled is subject to last minute change 
Rates of TicketRs. 100/- (Counter opens at 5:40 PM, East Gate on Cathedral Road)
Entry only through East Gate on Cathedral RoadChildren below 3 years free (no separate seat)

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

Hoe to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Visit Official Website: Go to the official website of Victoria Memorial in Kolkata or the designated booking platform.
  2. Select Date and Time: Choose the date and time for your visit. Ensure it aligns with the museum or garden opening hours.
  3. Choose Ticket Type: Select the appropriate ticket type based on your nationality and age category.
  4. Provide Details: Enter the required details, including the number of tickets and any necessary identification information.
  5. Make Payment: Proceed to the payment section and make the payment using the available options.
  6. Confirmation: Receive a confirmation of your booking along with the e-tickets via email or on the website.
  7. Visit with E-ticket: On the scheduled day, present the e-ticket at the designated gate for entry.

Enjoy your visit to the iconic Victoria Memorial in Kolkata!


Galleries in Victoria Memorial

Galleries in Victoria MemorialInformation
1. Portrait GalleryPaintings of influential people during the British Raj, including works by The Daniells.
2. Royal GalleryOil paintings and personal belongings of Queen Victoria. Features impressive artwork by Vassilli Verestchagin.
3. Queens Hall GalleryPersonal possessions of Queen Victoria, including her writing desk and pianoforte.
4. Durbar Hall GalleryPaintings depicting the cultural heritage and way of life of Britain and India during the building of Victoria Memorial.
5. National Leader’s GalleryFeatures scenes from the lives of leaders associated with the Indian freedom struggle post-independence.
6. Calcutta GalleryTraces the development of Kolkata from its inception to independence through photographs, paintings, maps, and documents.
Gardens of Victoria Memorial 
1. Area Covered64 acres of tastefully manicured lawns, flowers, pools, and fountains.
2. Central AttractionBronze statue of Victoria seated on a throne wearing the Order of the Star of India.
3. Statues of DignitariesIncludes statues of Charles Cornwallis, Robert Clive, James Broun Ramsay, Arthur Wellesley, and others.
4. Edward VII Memorial ArchFeatures an equestrian statue of Edward VII.
5. Lord Curzon StatuePlaced on the outside of the south entrance.
6. Light and Sound ShowEvening show titled ‘Pride and Glory – The Story of Calcutta’ (Son-et-Lumiere) that illuminates the memorial with colors.

Explore the rich history and cultural heritage at the Victoria Memorial, where each gallery and the serene gardens tell a unique tale. Don’t miss the captivating Light and Sound Show in the evenings, adding a magical touch to the experience.


Q1: What are the opening hours of Victoria Memorial in Kolkata?

A: The victoria memorial tickets is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Please note that it remains closed on Mondays and designated National Holidays.

Q2: How much is the entry fee for Indians and foreigners?

A: Thevictoria memorial tickets entry fee for Indians is Rs. 50/- per head. For foreigners from SAARC countries, it is Rs. 100/- per head, and for nationals of all other countries, it is Rs. 500/- per head.

Q3: Is there free admission for any specific groups?

A: Yes, there is free admission for school students up to Class XII in uniform with a School ID, differently-abled visitors with a U.D.I.D Card, victoria memorial tickets and army personnel and their accompanying spouses and children on production of ID Cards for each.

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