U1’s Long Drive Live In Concert Tickets at Coimbatore 2024

U1’s Long Drive Live In Concert Tickets: Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience with U1’s Long Drive – Live In Concert! Join us in Coimbatore on June 29th starting from 6:30 PM onwards for a night filled with electrifying performances and soulful melodies. Stay tuned for the announcement of the venue, where you’ll be immersed in the magic of U1’s music amidst a vibrant atmosphere. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this sensational event! Keep an eye out for further updates and mark your calendars for a musical journey like no other with U1’s Long Drive.

Event NameU1’s Long Drive Live In Concert
DateJune 29
Time6:30 PM Onwards
VenueTo be announced, Coimbatore

Ticket price

Ticket price for U1’s Long Drive Live In Concert at Coimbatore starts from Rs.999 onwards, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Ticket CategoryDescriptionPrice
GeneralGeneral admission ticket₹1500
Fanpit BFanpit B admission ticket₹2500
Fanpit AFanpit A admission ticket₹3500
Platinum – Elevated SeatingElevated seating in the Platinum section₹7500
VIP – Elevated SeatingElevated seating in the VIP section₹15000

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Visit Paytm Insider: Go to the Paytm Insider website or open the Paytm Insider app on your smartphone.
  2. Search for the Event: Use the search bar to find “U1’s Long Drive Live In Concert”.
  3. Select Ticket Category: Choose your desired ticket category from the available options (General, Fanpit B, Fanpit A, Platinum – Elevated Seating, VIP – Elevated Seating).
  4. Select Quantity: Specify the number of tickets you want to purchase.
  5. Checkout: Proceed to the checkout page.
  6. Login/Sign Up: Log in to your Paytm Insider account or sign up if you don’t have one.
  7. Payment: Select your preferred payment method and complete the payment process.
  8. Confirmation: After successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation of your booking via email or within the app.



Q: Is this a standing or a seated show?

A: This is a standing show.

Q: What does Early Bird, Phase 1, Phase 2 mean?

A: Early Bird, Phase 1, and Phase 2 represent different ticket sale phases. Early Bird offers discounted prices for advance purchases. Phase 1 prices are slightly higher than Early Bird, and Phase 2 prices are higher than both Early Bird and Phase 1. Regardless of the phase, ticket holders are entitled to the same category access. Seating/standing is on a first-come, first-served basis within the respective category zone.

Q: Is there an age limit for attending the concert?

A: Children aged 5 and above require a ticket. Attendees under 16 must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

Q: Will the concert be crowded?

A: Yes, the concert is expected to be crowded. Attendees uncomfortable with large gatherings may wish to avoid the event.

Q: Will photography or videography be allowed?

A: No professional photography/videography will be permitted.

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