To Kill a Mockingbird Tickets at Bengaluru 2024

Embark on a powerful journey through Harper Lee’s timeless classic as “To Kill a Mockingbird” comes to life at the Prestige Srihari Khody Centre For Performing Arts. Taking place on Saturday, February 10, 2024, this gripping drama unfolds in English and is suitable for ages 13 and above. Set aside 2 hours and 30 minutes to immerse yourself in the profound narrative that explores themes of justice, morality, and compassion. Witness the talented cast breathe life into the characters of Maycomb County, as they confront prejudice and injustice in a gripping tale that remains relevant to this day. Join us for an unforgettable theatrical experience that transcends generations at the Prestige Srihari Khody Centre For Performing.

Event NameTo Kill a Mockingbird
LocationPrestige Srihari Khody Centre For Performing Arts
DateSat 10 Feb 2024
EventDrama | English | 13yrs + | 2hrs 30mins

Ticket price

Ticket price for To Kill a Mockingbird at Bengaluru starts from Rs.500 onwards, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Visit BookMyShow.
  2. Search for “To Kill a Mockingbird” at Prestige Srihari Khody Centre For Performing.
  3. Select the event date (Sat, Feb 10, 2024).
  4. Choose the number of tickets needed.
  5. Pick your preferred seats.
  6. Proceed to checkout.
  7. Provide necessary details for booking.
  8. Complete the payment process.
  9. Confirm your booking and get ready for a thought-provoking evening with “To Kill a Mockingbird” at Prestige Srihari Khody Centre For Performing!



1. Where is the story of “To Kill a Mockingbird” set?

  • The To Kill a Mockingbird tickets and story is set in the racially divided town of Maycomb, Alabama, during the 1930s.

2. Who are the primary characters in the story?

  • The To Kill a Mockingbird tickets and central characters include young Scout Finch and her father, Atticus Finch, a lawyer tasked with defending Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a white woman.

3. What is the central conflict in the story?

  • The primary conflict revolves around Atticus Finch defending Tom Robinson in a racially charged trial, where he is accused of a crime he may not have committed.

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