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Disneyland Paris tickets


Disneyland Paris is a kind of magical place for each person who comes there. It provides the most wonderful, sometimes even fabulous impressions and recollections for each guest, who can be children or adults. But before you dive into the world of fairy tales and adventure, it will be important to get the lay of the land for purchasing your tickets in this magical realm.

From the different types of tickets to how you can best exploit each, here is your ultimate guide to Disneyland Paris tickets.

Types of tickets

  • 1-Day Tickets: Tickets give admission to Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park for the whole day. You may select from One Park Per Day tickets to a Park Hopper ticket that grants access to both parks on the same day.
  • Multi-Day Tickets: Ideal for those who want to pace themselves in discovering Disneyland Paris, multi-day tickets give admission to both parks over a number of consecutive days. This way, it works out much better than buying single 1-day tickets for each park.
  • Annual Passes: The Annual Pass: It allows a holder unlimited entry to Disneyland Paris in a year with various benefits, such as discounts on dining, merchandise, and others, in the event that he will visit regularly or he is an ardent Disney fan.

Booking Options

  • Official Website: On the official website of the park, guests can purchase tickets for Disneyland Paris. Quite often, it is the most comfortable and safe way to purchase tickets, since at the park, they will be sold in advance with discounts and special offers.
  • Authorized Resellers: In authorized resellers, the prices are just competitive through the ticketing of park tickets with accommodation and transportation by travel agencies and ticket vendors. Don’t let yourself get fooled; make sure to buy from a source that is verifiable.
  • On-Site Ticket Booth: They also sell the tickets right at the entrance of both parks through ticket booths. Though at peak season, long queues should be expected.

Special Tickets and Packages:

  • FastPass: Skip the lines on selected rides by receiving a special time to come back to ride with a shorter line. The service is free for all guests to use; however, it also offers a Super or Ultimate FastPass for purchase.
  • Dining Packages: The product at Disneyland Paris also encompasses dining packages. The dining packages include meal vouchers added to park tickets to be used in selected restaurants in the parks or at Disney Village. The options are workable for any visitor who would like to economize on dining and, at the same time, offer him a very outstanding meal experience.
  • Special Events: Some add-on activities enhance your Disneyland Paris visit with extra entertainment and flair. Tickets go on sale later for some special events such as Celebrations of the Seasons, Character Breakfasts, and Themed Parties.

Tips for Saving Money:

  • Early Bird Discounts: Most of the time, one can save a good amount by booking tickets in advance, especially in off-season times. Keep an eye out for the early bird offers and get the deal that offers the best.
  • Off-Peak Visits: Off-peak visits, such end-day Paris Disneyland, like weekdays outside school holidays, would be cheaper. An early start in the morning not only would let you beat the queues, but possibly you might also be able to get an amazing deal on hotel prices and ticket prices at that time.
  • Package deals: Like park tickets, accommodation, and transportation, and some packages you might even get other additional benefits. You can save a good amount of money if you book each single component of a package separately.

Important Considerations:

  • Age Categories: Disneyland Paris offers ticket prices based on age categories: Adult (12 and above), Child (3-11), and Infant (under 3). Make sure to select the appropriate ticket type for each member of your group.
  • Park Hours: Check the park’s opening and closing hours before purchasing tickets to ensure you have enough time to enjoy all your favorite attractions. Plan your visit accordingly to make the most of your day at Disneyland Paris.
  • Terms and Conditions: Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions associated with your ticket purchase, including cancellation policies, refund options, and any restrictions or limitations.

Ticket Upgrades and Add-Ons

  • Park Hopper Option: The Park Hopper ticket allows one to visit both the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park on the same day. With this ticket, therefore, you will have visited two parks at a fee and exposed yourself to a lot of attractions.
  • VIP Experiences: Spoil yourself a little and buy something really individual by purchasing a VIP package, which might include private excursions, access to sights in a closed regime, and even personal meetings with beloved Disney heroes.
  • PhotoPass: Relive every magical moment of your Disneyland Paris adventure with PhotoPass, granting you access to the priceless souvenir that is the Resorts’ professional photographers’ photos, taken at many picture spots in the Parks.

Accessibility and Special Assistance:

  •  Disability Access Service (DAS): The disability guests can request a Disability Access Service Card, which will allow them to schedule return times for attractions, thus reducing one of the wait times and creating a relaxed experience.
  • Special diet: In case you suffer from an allergy or food intolerance to some items, Disneyland Paris features special menus at various dining locations and can also meet your needs for dietary requirements. Ask a cast member to do so when making your reservation.
  • Strollers and Wheelchair Rentals: Assistance for moving inside the Disneyland Paris parks can be given strollers and wheelchairs. These should be reserved in advance, although making a reservation is not mandatory.

Ticket Security and Fraud Protection:

  • Authorized Sellers: Always buy Disneyland Paris tickets from official sellers, such as their website, any approved travel agency, or a reputable known reseller. 
  • Ticket Validation: Make sure that your tickets are properly validated at the entrance to the parks in order to avoid all problems or delays. Follow strictly the guidelines given to you by the cast members of Disney and be sure to keep your tickets at a safe place until the proper usage time is called for during your visit. 
  • Ticket Transfers: Take extra care while buying used tickets or tickets from people other than authority, as it may come out to be invalid or used. Disney tickets are non-transferable and may require ID for validation.


As you embark on your Disneyland Paris trip, let the enchantment of Disney rekindle your dreams and imagination. Collect moments that will last a lifetime. At Disneyland Paris, let the attractions enthrall and the entertainment fascinate you. Your stay in the park is a world of limitless adventure, discovery, and fun. Be it exploring the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle or meeting your favorite cherished Disney characters, be it savoring mouthwatering treats—live every moment and let the magic of Disneyland Paris take you away to a place where dreams do come true.

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