Shanghai Metro Ticket Booking Steps

Shanghai metro ticket: The Shanghai Metro, inaugurated in 1993, stands as a symbol of China’s rapid urban development. As one of the world’s largest and busiest metro systems, it encompasses a vast network of lines that connect the diverse districts of Shanghai. Renowned for its efficiency and punctuality, the metro plays a pivotal role in alleviating the city’s traffic congestion and facilitating seamless travel for millions of passengers daily. With continuous expansions and technological advancements, the Shanghai Metro exemplifies the nation’s commitment to modernization and sustainable urban transportation.Operating Hours

Shanghai Metro LineColor
Shanghai Meglev Train (Top Speed: 431 km/h)WhiteFrom Pudong Airport: 07:02~21:42; From Longyang Road: 06:45~21:40
Metro Line 1Red05:30~23:50
Metro Line 2Light Green05:28~22:30
Metro Line 3Yellow05:20~22:40

Ticket price

Ticket price for Shanghai Metro starts from 18 RMB onwards, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Ticket TypeFeaturesFare
Single Journey TicketOne-time journey on the same dayVariable
One-Day PassUnlimited metro rides within 24 hours18 RMB
Three-Day PassFlexible travel for 72 hours45 RMB
Commemorative TicketReleased for special themes/eventsVariable
Public Transportation CardUsed for city bus and metroVariable
Shanghai Metro QR CodeApp-based entry and exit, online paymentVariable
Maglev & Metro PassOne-way: Maglev + one-day metro transfers55 RMB
Round-trip: Round-trip Maglev + unlimited metro85 RMB

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Download App: Download the official Shanghai Metro app.
  2. Register/Login: Create an account or log in to your existing one.
  3. Select Journey: Choose your starting and ending stations.
  4. Choose Ticket Type: Select the desired ticket type (e.g., Single Journey, One-Day Pass).
  5. Payment: Complete the payment process securely within the app.
  6. QR Code: Receive a QR code for entry and exit at the metro station.
  7. Enjoy Your Ride: Board the metro and enjoy your journey hassle-free.


metro lines in Shanghai

Line 1Xinzhuang – Fujin Rd.
Line 2East Xujing – Guanglan Rd. – Pudong Airport
Line 3South Railway Station – North Jiangyang Rd.
Line 4Inner Ring: Yishan Rd. – Shanghai Railway Station – Century Avenue – Yishan Rd. <br> Outer Ring: Yishan Rd. – Century Avenue – Shanghai Railway Station – Yishan Rd.
Line 5Main Line: Xinzhuang – Fengxian Xincheng; <br> Branch Line: Dongchuan Rd. – Minhang Development Zone
Line 6Gangcheng Rd. – Oriental Sports Center
Line 7Huamu Rd. – Meilan Lake
Line 8Shiguang Rd. – Shendu Highway
Line 9Middle Yanggao Rd. – Songjiang South Railway Station
Line 10Jilong Rd. – Hangzhong Rd.; <br> Shanghai Zoo – Hongqiao Railway Station
Line 11Disneyland Park – North Jiading/Huaqiao
Line 12Jinhai Road – Qixin Road
Line 13Jinyun Road – Zhangjiang Road
Line 14Fengbang – Guiqiao Road
Line 15Gucun Park – Zizhu High-tech Zone
Line 16Luoshan Road – Dishui Lake
Line 17Hongqiao Railway Station – Oriental Land
Line 18South Changjiang Road – Hangtou
Pujiang LineShendu Highway – Huizhen Road
Jinshan LineSouth Railway Station – Jinshanwei

Detailed Shanghai Metro Lines and Stations

Shanghai Metro LineColorFrom & ToOperating HoursMain Attractions / Transfer Hubs on the Way
Shanghai Meglev Train
(Top Speed: 431 km/h)
WhiteLongyang Road (龙阳路)

Pudong International Airport
From Pudong Airport: 07:02~21:42;
From Longyang Road: 06:45~21:40
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Metro Line 1RedXinzhuang (莘庄)

Fujin Road (富锦路)
05:30~23:50Shanghai South Railway Station;
People’s Square (near Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center);
Shanghai Railway Station;
Shanghai Circus World;
Fujin Road Station: about 11 km, 30 mins’ drive from Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal
Metro Line 2Light GreenEast Xujing (徐泾东)

Pudong International Airport
05:28~22:30Hongqiao Railway Station; Hongqiao Airport;
Zhongshan Park; Jing’an Temple;
West/East Nanjing Road; People’s Square;
Lujiazui (Shanghai Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower, World Financial Center, Jinmao Tower); Longyang Road (Maglev Train Station) Pudong International Airport
Metro Line 3YellowShanghai South Railway Station (上海南站)

North Jiangyang Road (江杨北路)
05:20~22:40Shanghai South / Shanghai Railway Station;
Zhongshan Park
Metro Line 4
(Loop Line)
PurpleYiShan Road (宜山路) ⇄ Zhongshan Park (中山公园) ⇄ YiShan Road (宜山路)05:25~22:35Shanghai Railway Station; Zhongshan Park;
Pudong Avenue Station: about 2.5 km from Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
Metro Line 5VioletXinzhuang (莘庄) ⇄ Fengxianxincheng (奉贤新城)05:28~22:40Minhang Park
Metro Line 6MegentaGangcheng Road (港城路) ⇄ Oriental Sports Center
05:30~22:30Gangcheng Road Station: 16 km, 30 mins’ drive to Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal
Metro Line 7OrangeHumu Road (花木路) ⇄ Meilan Lake (美兰湖)05:30~22:30Jing’an Temple; Longyang Road (Maglev Train)
Metro Line 8BlueShiguang Road (市光路) ⇄ Shendu Highway (沈杜公路)05:30~22:30People’s Square (Shanghai Museum, Urban Planning Exhibition Center); Oriental Sports Center
Metro Line 9Light BlueCaolu (曹路) ⇄ Songjiang South Railway Station (松江南站)05:30~22:30Madang Road
Metro Line 10LilacJilong Road (基隆路) ⇄ Hongqiao Railway Station (虹桥火车站) / Hangzhong Road (航中路)05:25~22:30East Nanjing Road; Yu Garden;
Xintiandi; Hongqiao International Airport; Hongqiao Railway Station; Shanghai Library; Shanghai Zoo
Metro Line 11BrownDisney Resort (迪士尼) ⇄ Huaqiao (花桥)/North Jiading (嘉定北)05:25~22:30Shanghai Disney Resort; Shanghai West Railway Station; Longhua Temple; Oriental Sports Center
Metro Line 12GreenQixin Road (七莘路) ⇄ Jinhai Road (金海路)05:30~22:30West Nanjing Road; Longhua Temple;
International Cruise Terminal Station (400 km, 7 minutes’ walking to Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal)
Metro Line 13PinkJinyun Road (金运路)

Zhangjiang Road (张江路)
05:30~22:30Xintiandi & Madang Road; West Nanjing Road; Shanghai Natural History Museum;
Metro Line 15Champaign GoldGucun Park (顾村公园) ⇄ Zizhu High-tech Park (紫竹高新区)05:30~22:30Shanghai South Railway Station
Metro Line 16AquaLongyang Road (龙阳路) ⇄ Dishui Lake (滴水湖)05:50~22:30Longyang Road (Maglev Train)
Metro Line 17Light BrownHongqiao Railway Station (虹桥火车站) ⇄ Oriental Land (东方绿洲)05:40~22:30Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station; Zhujiaojiao Station (about 1.5 km, 20 mins’ walking to Zhujiajiaoo Water Town)
Metro Line 18ChampagneYuqiao (御桥) ⇄ Hangtou (航头)06:00~22:00/
Pujiang Metro Line (Loop Line)GreyShendu Highway (沈杜公路) ⇄ Huizhen Road (汇臻路)05:40~22:42/

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