Rang-Ratri Concert Tickets with Jaysinh Gadhavi 2023

Rang-Ratri Concert Tickets with Jaysinh Gadhavi 2023: Gear up for an unparalleled Navratri celebration in Toronto! The Pearson Convention Centre welcomes you on September 16th and 17th for a vibrant fusion of music, dance, and tradition. We’re ecstatic to reveal that the renowned and charismatic performer, Jaysinh Gadhavi, also known as (FIRESINH) from India, will be the highlight of the event, performing live on both days! Get ready to be swept away by his captivating melodies and pulsating rhythms.

Circle these dates on your calendar, gather your loved ones, and join us for this magnificent Navratri celebration. It’s a time to unite in jubilation, make unforgettable memories, and revel in the festive spirit. Seize this chance to witness the enchantment of Navratri alongside Jaysinh Gadhavi AKA (FIRESINH) in Toronto. Don’t be told about it; experience it!

EventRang-Ratri 2023 with Jaysinh Gadhavi
LocationPearson Convention Center, 2638 Steeles Ave E, Brampton, ON L6T 4L7, Canada
Date & TimeSat Sep 16 2023 at 07:00 pm to 11:59 pm

Ticket price

Ticket price for Rang-Ratri 2023 with Jaysinh Gadhavi at Rang-Ratri 2023 with Jaysinh Gadhavi starts from 30$ onwards, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Visit
  2. Search for “Rang-Ratri 2023 with Jaysinh Gadhavi”.
  3. Click on the event dated 16th September.
  4. Select the number of tickets.
  5. Click ‘Book Now’.
  6. Fill in the required details.
  7. Complete the payment.
  8. Receive a confirmation email with your tickets.



What is the Rang-Ratri 2023 event about?

Rang-Ratri 2023 is a cultural celebration featuring the renowned artist Jaysinh Gadhavi. Attendees can expect an evening filled with music, dance, and cultural performances.

Where is the event located?

The rang ratri concert tickets and event will be held at Pearson Convention Center, located at 2638 Steeles Ave E, Brampton, ON L6T 4L7, Canada.

When does the event start and end?

The rang ratri concert tickets and event is scheduled for Saturday, 16th September 2023, starting at 7:00 pm and concluding at 11:59 pm (GMT-04:00).

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