Mumbai Metro Ticket Booking and steps

Mumbai Metro Ticket: Rapid transit systems, known as trains, metros, subways, or tubes, are crucial for high-capacity public transport in urban areas of developed or developing countries. Mumbai, characterized by dense and growing population, necessitated the creation of a supportive transport system alongside its existing suburban railway network. The Mumbai metro, conceived in three phases over 15 years, aims to alleviate traffic congestion and reinforce the crowded railway system. Anticipated for completion by October 2026, the project has faced delays due to policy and operational challenges. Once finished, the Mumbai metro will span 356.972 km, comprising 14 high-capacity metro lines, with just 24% of the network underground. Presently, as of January 2023, the operational length is 46.4 km, ranking it as the sixth-longest metro network in India.

Metro Trip DetailsTimingAdditional Information
Total Metro Trips Between Stations5:55 am to 11 pm257 trips
Additional Trips from Dahisar West to GundvaliAfter 10 pm2 extra trips
Additional Trips Between Dahanukarwadi and Andheri WestAfter 10 pm2 extra trips

Ticket price

Ticket price for Mumbai Metro starts from Rs. 10 onwards, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Distance Interval (slab)Distance Range (Km)Single Journey Ticket (₹)
Fare TypeMinimum Fare (₹)Maximum Fare (₹)Additional Information
Single Journey (one-way)1040
Return Journey (two-way)2075
45 Trip Pass (monthly)Valid for only 30 days from the issue date
Store Value Pass (SVP)Cashback eligibility:
– 2% for ₹200 recharge
– 4% for ₹300 recharge
– 6% for ₹400 recharge
– 8% for ₹500 recharge
– 10% for ₹600 and above recharge

Smart Card

Smart Card TypeFeaturesCostUsage
Store Value Pass– Electronic purse with pre-loaded monetary valueRs. 50 (deposit)– Minimum recharge: Rs. 100
– Maximum stored value: Rs. 3000
– Fare deducted from stored value at exit gate based on fare chart
Trip Pass– Loaded with 45 trips valid for 30 daysRs. 50 (deposit)– Fixed 45 trips usable within 30 days, no changes to origin/destination
– Convenient for regular commuters
Security Deposit Refund– Rs. 50 refundable upon Smart Card returnRs. 50 (refundable)– Refund as per applicable rules

Paper ticket and QR Ticket

Pre-Paid Fare Ticket FeaturesDetails
Validity– Valid for a single or return journey
– Valid until the end of operational hours on the same day
Time Limit– Journey must commence within 2 hours from issue time
Duration– Valid for one business day
Suitability– Suitable for occasional metro users
Purchase Options– Available for purchase at metro stations
– Based on fare chart for journeys between fixed stations

Mobile Ticket -QR Code

Mobile Ticketing FeaturesDetails
Ticketing Platforms– PayTm App
– Ridlr App
Mobile Ticket Usage– Entry and exit collection gates
Booking App– “Skiiip Q”
Booking Convenience– Commuters can book online tickets at their convenience
Time-saving– Facilitates time-saving for commuters
Payment Options– Integration with PayTm and Ridlr for seamless transactions

Ticket Counter

Customers must approach the ticket counters at the metro station for ticket purchase/ recharge. They can also request for a receipt, if required.

Ticket Issuing Machine

TIM Recharge Process for Store Value PassDetails
Language Selection– Choose ‘English,’ ‘Hindi,’ or ‘Marathi’
Smart Card Insertion– Select ‘Reload Card’ and insert Smart Card in TIM when prompted
Information Display– TIM displays Smart Card information
Reload Amount Selection– Press ‘Money’ button for reload in multiples of Rs. 100/-
Payment Confirmation– Press ‘OK’ based on the displayed amount for payment
Payment Method– Insert ‘Bank Notes’ for payment
Receipt Option– Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for ‘Print Receipt’
Smart Card Retrieval– Remove Smart Card and receipt


  1. Access the InstaCharge feature.
  2. Input the card number associated with the Store Value Pass.
  3. Select the desired recharge options based on your preferences.
  4. Complete the transaction by making the necessary payment.

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Visit Official Platform: Go to the official Mumbai Metro website or use the dedicated mobile application.
  2. Create an Account: If not already registered, create an account on the platform.
  3. Select Journey Details: Choose your starting and ending metro stations, along with the date and time of travel.
  4. Calculate Fare: The system will calculate the fare based on your inputs.
  5. Make Payment: Proceed to the payment section and complete the transaction using various payment options.
  6. Receive Confirmation: After successful payment, receive a confirmation along with a digital ticket.
  7. Travel: Display the digital ticket on your mobile device or carry a printed copy for verification during your metro journey.

Mumbai Metro Route

Metro LineCorridor NameColourNumber of StationsKmsStatus
Mumbai Metro Line 1Versova – Andheri – GhatkoparBlue1211.4Operational
Mumbai Metro Line 2ADahisar(E) – Andheri WestYellow1718.6Operational
Mumbai Metro Line 2BAndheri West – MandalaYellow2223.6Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 3Colaba – Bandra – SEEPZAqua2733.5Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 4Wadala – Mulund – Thane – KasarvadavaliGreen3232.32Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 4AKasarwadavali – GaimukhGreen22.88Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 5Thane – Bhiwandi – KalyanOrange1724.9Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 6Swami Samarth Nagar – KanjurMarg – VikhroliPink1314.7Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 7Dahisar (East) – GundavaliRed1316.5Operational
Mumbai Metro Line 7AAndheri (E) – CSI AirportRed23.17Under Construction
Line 8CSIA – NMIAGold735Proposed
Mumbai Metro Line 9Dahisar (E) – Mira BhayanderRed811.38Under Construction
Line 10Gaimukh – Shivaji Chowk (Mira Road)Green99.2Approved
Line 11Wadala – Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj TerminusGreen1112.7Approved
Line 12Kalyan – Dombivali – TalojaOrange1720.7Approved
Line 13Shivaji Chowk (Mira Bhayander) – VirarPurple2023Approved
Line 14Kanjurmarg – BadlapurMagenta4045Approved

Interesting Facts

  1. Expansion Plans: The metro network is planned to span 356.972 km with 14 high-capacity metro railway lines upon completion.
  2. Operational Length: As of January 2023, Mumbai Metro boasts an operational length of 46.4 km, making it the sixth-longest metro network in India.
  3. Smart Card Convenience: Commuters can use Smart Cards for convenient and cashless travel, avoiding queues at ticket counters.
  4. Mobile Ticketing: Mobile phone apps like PayTm and Ridlr offer a digital ticketing option, enhancing the ease of access for commuters.
  5. TIM Recharge: Ticket Issuing Machines (TIM) facilitate easy recharge of Smart Cards, reducing the need for manual transactions.
  6. Fare Options: Mumbai Metro provides various fare options, including single and return journey tickets, 45 Trip Pass, and Store Value Pass with cashback incentives.
  7. Extended Timings: With the extension of operational hours, there are now 257 metro trips between certain stations from 5:55 am to 11 pm.
  8. Night Connectivity: Two additional metro trips have been introduced after 10 pm from Dahisar West to Gundvali and between Dahanukarwadi and Andheri West, enhancing night connectivity.
  9. Continuous Development: Mumbai Metro continues to evolve, reflecting the city’s commitment to efficient and sustainable urban transportation.

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