MGM Dizzee World Chennai Ticket price, Timing and Online Booking

MGM ticket price: To experience the thrilling adventures and joyous moments at MGM Dizzee World in Chennai, visitors can now conveniently book their tickets online. The amusement park offers a Jumbo Package, providing an exciting day out for both adults and children. The ticket prices are INR 699 for adults and INR 549 for children (2.6′-4.4′). Additionally, entry charges are INR 899 for adults and INR 599 for children. Online booking can be done by clicking on the provided link. The park operates from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM on weekends and public holidays, ensuring a fantastic time for all. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of excitement and laughter at MGM Dizzee World Chennai!

EventMGM Dizzee World Chennai Online Booking Process
Park NameMGM
AddressR6GV+FF9, 1/74, SH 49, Muthukadu, Tamil Nadu 603112
CategoryAmusement Park Jumbo Package
Ticket PriceAdults – INR 699
Children (2.6′-4.4′) INR 549
Entry ChargesAdults -INR 899
Children (2.6′-4.4′) – INR 599
Ticket Booking OnlineClick Here
Timings10:30 AM – 6:30 PM (Weekends and Public Holidays)
Contact Number(+91) 80 6906 5555

Ticket price

Ticket price for MGM Dizzee World Chennai starts from Rs. 499 onwards ,Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

CategoryRequirementsTicket Price
Adult4.4 feet tall or tallerRs 899
ChildrenBelow 4.4 feet in height but above 2.6 feetRs 599
Adults (Jumbo Package)4.4 feet tall or tallerRs. 699
Children (Jumbo Package)Below 4.4 feet in height but above 2.6 feetRs. 549
OthersChildren who are below 2.6 feet in heightFree

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Download the MGM Dizzee World app or visit the website.
  2. Log in or create an account.
  3. Choose date/time, check student offers.
  4. Select ticket/package, provide necessary details.
  5. Navigate to payment, choose your method.
  6. Confirm booking by making payment.
  7. Receive confirmation via email/SMS with reference number.
  8. On the day, present confirmation and valid college ID at the entry.
  9. Enjoy the day at MGM Dizzee World and create lasting memories with friends!


Travel ModeDetails
By AeroplaneChennai International Airport (MAA) is 7 kilometers from the city. Cabs or buses are readily available.
By RoadChennai has a well-maintained road network connecting to important cities. Buses from cities like Bangalore and Calicut are frequent. Option to rent private vehicles for added convenience.
Via TrainChennai has two main train stations: Chennai Central Railway Station (MAS) and Chennai Egmore (MS). They serve as important transit hubs linking the city to various locations across the country. Regular trains operate from major cities, providing an easy and accessible option for travelers.

Event and Attraction

Center of Attraction in MGM Chennai
1. Water Coaster
2. Dashing Cars
3. Caterpillar
4. Dizzee Express
5. Wave Pool
6. Rain Disco
7. Rock Climbing
8. 3D Theater
9. Mirror Maze
10. Super Trooper
11. Roller Coaster
12. Spider Spin
13. Sky Glider
14. Ferris Wheel
Facilities & Attractions at MGM Park
1. Exciting Trips
– Roller coasters, water slides, and high-adrenaline
attractions for all age groups.
2. Water Park
– Refreshing water rides, wave pools, and lazy streams
providing a cool escape from the intensity.
3. Shows for Entertainment
– Live entertainment shows, including dance, magic,
and music performances, adding fun to the visit.
4. Food and Feasting
– Restaurants and food stalls offering delicious
meals, snacks, and beverages throughout the park.
5. Activities and Games
– Mini-golf, go-karting, arcade games, and more for
a variety of activities and entertainment.
6. Shopping
– Souvenirs, merchandise, and other items available
for purchase at the park’s shops.
7. Security and Safety
– Emphasis on visitor safety with well-maintained
rides, trained staff, and adequate safety measures.
Overall Focus
MGM Dizzee World prioritizes a safe, enjoyable, and
memorable experience for all visitors.
Adventure Rides at MGM Dizzee WorldDescription
Creeper BugA spider-themed ride with spinning chairs attached to giant spider legs, offering a thrilling and spider-like sensation.
Kamikaze RangerA G-force ride with two seats at the end of X-shaped beams, using gravity to ascend and descend, creating a mid-air crossing effect.
Nilgiri ExpressA spinning train car with individual seats, providing a carousel-like experience for a fun and dizzying ride.
RevolutionA giant rotating cage ride, pinning riders to the sides and rotating, creating a toppling bowl effect as it rises into the air.
Rock o PlaneA unique Ferris wheel with a star-like design, offering a different and exciting perspective on the traditional ride.
Roll o RollA high-adrenaline ride with a circular car that rotates while the entire ride spins, delivering an intense and thrilling experience.
Rolling ThunderAn extreme adventure ride on a two-loop roller coaster, spiraling up and facing sudden drops for a heart-pounding roller coaster experience.
Tomb RaiderAnother roller coaster train ride with four-seater cars, likely providing an exhilarating journey with twists and turns.
Wave SwingerA chair ride with spinning ropes, swinging riders in the air, creating a thrilling and soaring sensation.
Facilities at MGM Dizzee WorldDescription
Car ParkingSpacious parking lot accommodating 500 cars, 50 buses, and 750 two-wheelers with 24×7 security, washrooms, and drinking water.
Eating OptionsTwo main dining options: Fortyellow, a vegetarian food court, and a themed multicuisine restaurant catering to various tastes.
Cab ServicePartnership with Fast Track cab service, offering visitors a 20% discount on entry fare and a Fast Track cab booth at the park.
Children’s LandDedicated area for kids with various activities, providing entertainment for children and seating for parents to relax.
Game ArcadeAn arcade with enjoyable video games for teenagers, offering a fun spot for them while adults enjoy larger rides.
About MGM Dizzee WorldAdditional Information
Jurong’s Bird ShowIntroduced Jurong’s Bird Show from Singapore in 1999, featuring colorful and talented birds displaying their skills.
Hot Air Balloon RideOffered hot air balloon rides in 1998, providing visitors with a unique perspective of the park and its surroundings from the sky.
Helicopter ServiceMade history in 2000 by arranging a helicopter service for pick-up and drop-off, offering visitors a luxurious and unusual experience.


Q: What is the ticket price for MGM Dizzee World?

A: The ticket prices for MGM Dizzee World are as follows:

Adults: Rs. 899 (Height 4.4 feet tall or taller)
Children: Rs. 599 (Height below 4.4 feet but above 2.6 feet)
Adults (Jumbo Package): Rs. 699 (Height 4.4 feet tall or taller)
Children (Jumbo Package): Rs. 549 (Height below 4.4 feet but above 2.6 feet)
Others: Free (Children below 2.6 feet in height)

Q: How many rides are there in MGM Dizzee World?

A: MGM Dizzee World boasts a diverse range of over 60 world-class rides, mgm ticket and including thrilling water rides. Popular attractions include Aqua Slide, Zipdip, Tornado, Water Mur, Water Play Station, and the Wave Pool.

Q: Can visitors bring their own food to MGM Dizzee World?

A: Yes, mgm ticket and visitors are allowed to bring their own food to MGM Dizzee World. While the park offers on-site restaurants and food kiosks serving a variety of South Indian and international vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, guests have the option to bring their own food if they prefer.

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