Howrah to Puri Train Ticket Price 2023

Howrah to Puri train ticket: As of 2023, the train ticket price from Howrah to Puri can vary based on several factors, including the type of train, class of seat, and time of booking. There are multiple trains operating between these two destinations, offering options like sleeper class, AC 3-tier, AC 2-tier, and AC 1st class. The fare typically ranges from a more economical option in sleeper class to a pricier fare in AC 1st class. Additionally, advanced bookings, peak travel times, and holiday seasons might affect the ticket prices. For the most accurate and up-to-date fare information, it’s recommended to check the official Indian Railways website or associated ticket booking platforms.

Ticket price

Ticket price for The AC chair car ticket fare from Howrah to Puri will cost Rs 1,265 while executive. chair car fare will be Rs 2,130. Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Charge TypeSleeperAC 3-tier
Base Fare280734
Catering Charges
Reservation Charges2040
Superfast Charges3045

Note: This table provides a breakdown of charges for Sleeper and AC 3-tier classes. Do remember, final prices might also include additional charges or discounts depending on specific train services and booking platforms.

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to book ticket online steps

Booking Howrah to Puri Train Ticket:

  1. Visit the IRCTC website or app.
  2. Log in or sign up.
  3. Search for “Howrah to Puri” trains.
  4. Select date & class.
  5. Book ticket.
  6. Pay & get confirmation.

Safe travels!

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What is the base fare for Sleeper and AC 3-tier classes from Howrah to Puri in 2023?

For Sleeper class, the base fare is ₹280, and for AC 3-tier, it’s ₹734.

Are there any catering charges included in the ticket price?

As of now, there are no catering charges specified for both Sleeper and AC 3-tier classes.

What are the reservation charges for these classes?

The reservation charge for Sleeper class is ₹20, while for AC 3-tier, it’s ₹40.

Are there any additional charges for superfast trains?

Yes, for Sleeper class, superfast charges are ₹30 and for AC 3-tier, they are ₹45.

Where can I book tickets for the Howrah to Puri train?

Tickets can be booked through the official IRCTC website or app, or through authorized railway booking counters.

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