How to buy mahzooz ticket Online 2023

How to buy mahzooz ticket: As of 2023, buying a Mahzooz ticket online involves a streamlined process accessible through their official website or app. To participate, first, visit the Mahzooz platform and register for an account. After logging in, navigate to the ticket purchase section, select your desired numbers or opt for a random selection, and proceed to payment using the available digital payment methods. Once the transaction is successful, you’ll receive a confirmation. Participants can then await the draw and check results directly on the platform. It’s essential to stay updated with the platform’s terms and conditions and play responsibly

Ticket price

Ticket price for mahzooz online booking starts from AED35, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to How to buy mahzooz ticket Online steps

However, based on past procedures, here’s a general step-by-step guide to buy a Mahzooz ticket:

  1. Register on the Mahzooz Website or App:
    • Go to the official Mahzooz website or download the Mahzooz app.
    • Register for an account by providing the required personal details.
    • Ensure that you are of legal age to participate and meet any other eligibility requirements.
  2. Log In:
    • Once registered, log in to your account.
  3. Choose ‘Buy Ticket’:
    • Navigate to the section where you can buy a ticket or enter the draw.
  4. Select Numbers:
    • Typically, you’d have to select a specific set of numbers or opt for a random selection, depending on the format of the lottery.
  5. Purchase the Ticket:
    • After selecting your numbers, proceed to payment.
    • Use the accepted payment methods, which typically include credit/debit cards among other digital payment solutions.
  6. Confirmation:
    • Once your payment is successful, you should receive a confirmation, either via email or in your Mahzooz account.
  7. Wait for the Draw:
    • After purchasing, you can wait for the draw date to check if your numbers are the winning ones.
  8. Check Results:
    • Results are usually published on their website and app. Some platforms may also send you an email or SMS notification if you win.

Remember to always play responsibly and ensure you’re familiar with the terms and conditions.

How to Play and Participate in Mahzooz Draw

To play and participate in the Mahzooz draw, follow these steps:

  • Registration:
    • Visit the official Mahzooz website or download their app.
    • Register for a new account by providing the required details.
  • Account Verification:
    • Verify your account through the email or SMS link they send you.
  • Login:
    • Use your credentials to log in to your Mahzooz account.
  • Purchase Entry:
    • Navigate to the ticket purchase or draw entry section.
    • Buy an entry ticket, which typically involves buying a bottle of water. This unique model is part of their social initiative.
  • Choose Numbers:
    • For each entry, select your set of numbers. You can either pick them manually or opt for the ‘Quick Pick’ option for a random selection.
  • Confirm and Pay:
    • Review your chosen numbers.
    • Proceed to the payment section and complete the transaction.
  • Await the Draw:
    • Once you’ve secured your entry, wait for the scheduled draw date.
  • Check Results:
    • After the draw, log back into your account or check the website/app to see if your numbers are among the winning ones.
  • Claim Prize (if you win):
    • If you have a winning entry, follow the given instructions on the platform to claim your prize.
  • Stay Updated:
    • Regularly check the Mahzooz platform for any changes in rules, draw dates, or other important announcements.
  • Play Responsibly:
    • Set a budget for your participation and always play within your limits.

Remember, participation is subject to the terms and conditions laid out by Mahzooz, so always familiarize yourself with the latest guidelines.


How do I buy a Mahzooz ticket online?

  • Visit the official Mahzooz website or download their app.
  • Register for an account or log in if you already have one.
  • Navigate to the ticket purchase section, select your numbers, and proceed to payment.

What payment methods are available for buying tickets?

Mahzooz usually accepts various digital payment methods, including credit/debit cards and online payment gateways.

Can I choose my own numbers or are they randomly generated?

You can choose your own numbers or opt for the ‘Quick Pick’ option to have numbers generated randomly for you.

Is there a specific entry cost to buy a ticket?

Mahzooz has a unique approach where you purchase an entry ticket along with a bottle of water. The cost includes both the water and the ticket.

When can I check the results of the draw?

After the draw date, results are usually posted on the Mahzooz platform. You can log in to your account to see if your numbers match the winning ones.

What if I win a prize? How do I claim it?

If you win a prize, the Mahzooz platform will provide instructions on how to claim your winnings. This typically involves a verification process.

Can I participate from outside the UAE?

Mahzooz participation is generally open to residents of the UAE, but it’s advisable to check their specific terms and conditions for eligibility.

Is there an age restriction for participating?

Participants usually need to be of legal age to participate in the lottery. Refer to Mahzooz’s terms and conditions for specific age requirements.

Is my personal and payment information secure?

Mahzooz is likely to have security measures in place to protect your personal and payment information. Ensure you use the official website or app for transactions.

Can I set a budget for my ticket purchases?

While not mentioned explicitly, it’s a good practice to set a budget for participating in lotteries and stick to it.

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