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Firefly Carnival Tickets

Firefly Carnival Tickets: The Firefly Carnival is set to illuminate the night at N: Convention in Hyderabad on Saturday, January 20, 2024, starting at 10:00 PM. This vibrant event promises a spectacular fusion of Bollywood, Regional, and English music, celebrating the rich tapestry of Hindi and Telugu melodies. Attendees can revel in an 11-hour extravaganza that transcends linguistic boundaries, creating a harmonious blend of diverse musical genres. With a myriad of performances, the Firefly Carnival guarantees an unforgettable night of rhythm and melody, uniting music enthusiasts in a joyous celebration. Get ready to be captivated by the enchanting tunes that will light up the Hyderabad night sky at this one-of-a-kind musical spectacle.

Event NameFirefly Carnival
LocationN Convention: Hyderabad
DateSat 20 Jan 2024 at 10:00 PM
EventBollywood, Regional | English, Hindi, Telugu | 11hrs

Ticket price

Ticket price for Firefly Carnival at Hyderabad starts from Rs.399 onwards, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Visit the BookMyShow website or open the mobile app.
  2. Search for “Firefly Carnival” in the events section.
  3. Select the date of the event, which is Saturday, January 20, 2024.
  4. Choose the preferred time, starting at 10:00 PM.
  5. Pick your desired seating or ticket category.
  6. Add the number of tickets you want to purchase to your cart.
  7. Proceed to checkout and provide the necessary details.
  8. Complete the payment process using your preferred payment method.
  9. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation of your booking.
  10. Make sure to bring the confirmation or e-ticket to the event for hassle-free entry.

Enjoy the Firefly Carnival and have a fantastic time at the event!



Q1: What makes Firefly Carnival a perfect family destination?

Firefly Carnival is designed to cater to every member of the family. With live music that enchants the ears, a dedicated play area for the little ones to spark joy, and a curated shopping experience for the whole family, it offers an immersive and inclusive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Q2: What can visitors expect in terms of entertainment?

The carnival promises a diverse range of live music, creating a captivating atmosphere for attendees. Whether you’re a fan of Bollywood, Regional, or English music, there’s something for every taste. Additionally, a play area for children ensures that the entire family can have a delightful time.

Q3: Is there a specific schedule or timing for the different activities?

The event kicks off at 10:00 PM on Saturday, January 20, 2024, with 11 hours of non-stop entertainment. While the main focus is on live music, the play area for children and curated shopping experiences will be available throughout the event.

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