Enrique Iglesias To Electrify Dubai Tickets 2024

Enrique Iglesias To Electrify Dubai Tickets: Enrique Iglesias is set to perform at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on Friday, September 13. Fans can look forward to a night filled with his popular hits like “Do You Know,” “Heartbeat,” “Escape,” “Can You Hear Me,” and “Tonight.” Pre-sale tickets will be available starting May 29 at 8 AM (UAE time) for 24 hours, giving registered fans early access before the general sale begins on May 30 at 8 AM. Don’t miss this chance to see the Spanish megastar live in concert and enjoy an unforgettable musical experience.

ArtistEnrique Iglesias
LocationCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai
DateFriday, September 13
Pre-Sale Start DateMay 29, 8 AM (UAE time)
Pre-Sale Duration24 hours
General Sale Start DateMay 30, 8 AM (UAE time)
Popular Songs Performed“Do You Know,” “Heartbeat,” “Escape,” “Can You Hear Me,” “Tonight”


Q: Where can I buy tickets and what is the process followed?

A: Tickets can be bought from coca-cola-arena with an indication of the prices should anybody wish to part with his/her cash physically. com or to by phone at 800 223388 Pomarl, Inc can help you decide which diet pill is best for you by mailing a free trial pack to one of our counselors who will phone you and discuss the benefits and effects of each diet pill and guide you in making the correct choice.

Q: Will you provide yourself and your potential customers with an opportunity to pre-register to purchase the product?

A: Yes, supporters are advised to use the provided link on the Coca-Cola Arena website to put in their details to get a code for the tickets.

Q: Which songs can one expect to listen as performed by the artists at the concert?

A: Of some of his more famous songs, you can anticipate to listen to Hero, Bailando, Tonight, Do You Know, Heatbeat, Escape, and his current single, Can You Hear Me.

Q: Did any of you get the feeling that this is the first time Enrique Iglesias is performing in Coca-Cola Arena?

A: Indeed, we are privy to the fact that this concert is set to be the first time Enrique Iglesias will grace the stage at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.

Q: Is it possible to get to know whether there are restrictions in terms of the age of the attendee?

A: The concert is unrestricted but due to provocative performances of certain artists, children below sixteen are allowed only if chaperoned.

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