Ekam Ardhanarishwaram Tickets Hyderabad 2024

Ekam Ardhanarishwaram Tickets: On February 5th, at 5:30 PM, witness the captivating dance performance, “Ekam Ardhanarishwaram,” at Ravindra Bharathi in Hyderabad. This mesmerizing showcase, rooted in the ancient tradition of Indian dance, explores the divine concept of Ardhanarishwara, embodying the union of masculine and feminine energies in one form. Renowned performers will grace the stage, expressing the intricacies of this spiritual theme through graceful movements and evocative expressions. Ravindra Bharathi, steeped in cultural heritage, provides the perfect backdrop for an evening of artistic brilliance and spiritual contemplation. Join us for an enchanting journey into the essence of Ardhanarishwara through the language of dance.

Event NameEkam Ardhanarishwaram
LocationRavindra Bharathi, Hyderabad
Date & TimeFebruary 5 | 5:30PM

Ticket price

Ticket price for Ekam Ardhanarishwaram at Hyderabad starts from Rs.200, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

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Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

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1. What is the event “Ekam Ardhanareeswaram” about?

  • “Ekam Ardhanareeswaram” is a magnum opus dance presentation by Sri Hiranmayi Nrithyalay. It is a multilingual dance journey depicting the divine forms of Shiva and Parvati, including representations such as Madurai Meenakshi Sundareshwara, Kashi Vishwanatha Annapoorna, Ujjain Mahakal Dakshineshwar Kali, Tuljapur Bhavani Shankar, Alampur Jogulamba, and culminating into the divine “Ardhanareeshwara,” eventually dissolving into the Shiva linga.

2. When and where will the event take place?

  • The event will be held at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad, on February 5th at 5:30 PM.

3. How can I attend the event?

  • For attendance details, including ticket information and reservations, please contact the organizers or visit the official website.

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