Chitrapuri Talkies Live Tickets Hyderabad 2024

Chitrapuri Talkies Live Tickets: Grab your dance shoes and prepare for hands-on experience with a high likelihood of facility seeing some strong electornic dance moves from Chitrapuri Talkies who will be rocking Illuzion tonight!Feeling the pick up of the rhythm at 08. 00 PM on May the 9th in our music club will prime you on the energy that awaits for you. Being situated in the center of the economy of Hyderbad, Illuzion Club and Kitchen turns out to be just the right venue for an ultimate memorable experience. Call your friends and enjoy a night full of dancing orgasms as we take you on a music-filled hike and you demand more of Chitrapuri Talkies. Ensure you are part of this remarkable show what are you waiting for.

Event NameChitrapuri Talkies Live at Illuzion Club and Kitchen
Date & TimeMay 9, 8:00 PM
VenueIlluzion Club & Kitchen, Hyderabad

Ticket price

Ticket price for Chitrapuri Talkies Live at Hyderabad starts from Rs.1000 onwards, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Ticket TypePriceDetails
Female Entry₹1,000Grants entry to one female. Cover charge fully redeemable on food & drinks.
Couple Entry₹1,500Grants entry to one male and one female. Cover charge fully redeemable on food & drinks.
Male Entry₹1,500Grants entry to one male. Cover charge fully redeemable on food & drinks.

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  • Visit Paytm Insider’s website or app.
  • Search for “Chitrapuri Talkies Live” event.
  • Select the desired date and venue.
  • Choose your preferred ticket type and quantity.
  • Proceed to payment and complete the booking.



Q: When and where is the event taking place?

A: The event is scheduled for Thursday, May 9th, at Illuzion Club & Kitchen in Hyderabad.

Q: Who are Chitrapuri Talkies?

A: Chitrapuri Talkies are rock innovators from Hyderabad, known for their unique blend of musical genres and captivating performances.

Q: What can I expect from their performance?

A: Chitrapuri Talkies’ performances are immersive experiences, characterized by powerful melodies and intricate musical interplays. They seamlessly blend diverse genres, creating a sound deeply resonant with the local music culture.

Q: How long has Chitrapuri Talkies been performing?

A: Chitrapuri Talkies have honed their craft over a decade, showcasing their commitment to musical exploration and innovation.

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