Blasted Bindi Kamino Recs live Tickets at chennai 2024

Blasted Bindi Kamino Recs live Tickets: Get ready to immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and energetic vibes as Blasted Bindi, brought to you by Kamino Recs, goes live in Chennai. The dance extravaganza is set to unfold at SOS – Same Old Story on January 20, kicking off at 6 PM and grooving on until 1 AM on January 21. Located in the heart of Chennai, SOS is the perfect venue for a night of electrifying music and non-stop dancing. Blasted Bindi promises to deliver an unforgettable experience, blending beats that will keep you on your feet throughout the night. Dive into the rhythm and let the music take control at this not-to-be-missed event in the vibrant city of Chennai.

EventBlasted Bindi (Kamino Recs) Live in Chennai
Date & TimeJanuary 20, 6:00 PM – January 21, 1:00 AM
VenueSOS – Same Old Story, Chennai
Event TypeDance

Ticket price

Ticket price for Blasted Bindi (Kamino Recs) Live at Chennai starts from Rs.1000, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Visit BookMyShow: Go to the BookMyShow website or open the app.
  2. Search Event: Look for the “Blasted Bindi (Kamino Recs) Live in Chennai” event.
  3. Select Date & Tickets: Choose the date (January 20) and the number of tickets you need. Click “Book Now.”
  4. Review & Proceed: Confirm your booking details, review the ticket prices, and click “Proceed to Payment.”
  5. Payment: Complete the payment using your preferred method.



Q: What is the event about?

A: Tremors Underground & Vibe Eventz is bringing the electrifying act of Blasted Bindi to shake up the South East Coast. It promises a night of complete madness and high-energy hitech style to mark the beginning of 2024.

Q: Who is Blasted Bindi?

A: Blasted Bindi is an exciting and tenacious artist known for delivering vivacious performances, especially in the hitech music genre.

Q: When and where is the event happening?

A: The event is scheduled for [Insert Date], and it will take place at [Insert Venue], on the South East Coast.

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