Big Ticket March Winner List Abu Dhabi 261 Draw 2024

The Big Ticket March Winner List for Abu Dhabi’s 261st draw in 2024 has been revealed, bringing excitement and anticipation to its participants. Mohammed Shereef, hailing from India, clinched the grand prize of AED 15,000,000. This staggering win marks a life-changing moment for Shereef, adding to the allure and thrill of the Big Ticket Series. As the draw continues to make dreams come true for its lucky winners, the event remains a beacon of hope and excitement for many hopeful participants, offering the chance to win significant cash prizes and realize their aspirations.

DrawPrizeWeb/StoreWinner NameTicket No.Nationality
261Grand Prize AED 15,000,000WEBMohammed Shereef186551India
10Maserati SERIES 10WEBMuhammad Umar Farooq003926Pakistan
260Grand Prize AED 15,000,000WEBRajeev Arikkatt037130India
24BMW 430i SERIES 24WEBMilind Kini019374India
12RANGE ROVER VELAR SERIES 12WEBKapadia Huseni Gulamali013317India


SeriesPrizeWeb/StoreWinner’s NameTicket No.Nationality
260Grand PrizeWebRajeev Arikkatt037130India
260BMW 430i Series 24WebMilind Kini019374India
260Range Rover Velar Series 12WebKapadia Huseni Gulamali013317India
259Grand PrizeWebMunavar Fairoos062240India
2592ndWebSainudheen Sainudheen C375369India
2593rdWebAlaa Lazen066794Palestinian
2594thWebBaburaj A.T486088India
2595thWebRatheesh Ashokan329326India
2596thStoreMarwan Afif Daoud119671Lebanon
2597thWebNithin Shetty108347India
2598thStoreMuhammed Masood Appada Kunhalankutty018721India
2599thWebKamaleddin Badghaish002958Saudi Arabia
25910thWebSoumya Latua396570India
25911thWebSibichen Kariyil313020India

Big Ticket Lucky winners

DrawWinnerPrizeTicket No.NationalityWeb/Store
261Mohammed ShereefGrand Prize AED 15,000,000186551IndiaWeb
260Rajeev ArikkattAED 15,000,000037130IndiaWeb
259Munavar FairoosAED 20,000,000062240IndiaWeb
258Ashish MoholkarAED 15,000,000223090IndiaWeb
257Azmi Mtanious HouraniAED 20,000,000175573SyriaStore
256Mujeeb Thekke MattieriAED 15,000,000098801IndiaWeb
255Thurailingam PrabagarAED 20,000,00061680Sri LankaWeb
254Sakil Khan Sarwar KhanAED 15,000,000191115IndiaWeb
253Mohamed Ali MoideenAED 15,000,00061908IndiaWeb
252Lovesy Mole AchammaAED 20,000,000116137IndiaStore
251Pradeep KumarAED 15,000,00048514IndiaStore
250Arun Kumar Vatakke KorothAED 20,000,000261031IndiaWeb
249Sam HeidaritorshiziAED 15,000,000172108TurkeyWeb
259M. Rao G.AED 1,000,000258681SingaporeWeb
259Mohammed Didarul Alam Ahmed MeahAED 1,000,000109525BangladeshWeb
259Nalupurackal Keezhath ShamseerAED 1,000,000027945IndiaWeb
259Sathesh Kumar KumaresanAED 1,000,000443108IndiaStore


1. What is the Big Ticket Series in Abu Dhabi?

The Big Ticket Series is a highly anticipated event offering participants the chance to win significant cash prizes.

2. When is the draw scheduled?

The Big Ticket March Winner List 2024 and draw for the Big Ticket Series is scheduled for March 3, 2024.

3. What is the grand prize amount?

The grand prize amounts to a staggering 15 million AED.

4. Who participates in the event?

The event attracts a wide range of participants, all vying for the life-changing opportunity to secure this substantial sum of money.

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