Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Winners List October 2023

Big ticket winner list october: “The Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle is one of the most anticipated monthly events in the United Arab Emirates. With participants from across the globe, it has gained international fame for its grand prizes, ranging from substantial cash rewards to luxury vehicles. Here, we provide a brief introduction to the winners of the October 2023 draw, individuals who have transformed their fortunes overnight. Join us as we celebrate their triumphs and learn more about this iconic UAE event.”

AED 15 Million Series 256 and Dream Car Jeep Rubicon Series 10 Winners List- 3rd October

NamePrize AmountTicket No.Nationality
NamePrize AmountTicket No.Nationality
Mujeeb Thekke Mattieri15,000,00098801India
Ajeeb Omer100,00023536India
Steven Wilkinson900,000169082UK
Raveendra Samaranayake80,000156989Sri Lanka
Muhammed Rishad Kannan Kunnummal Abdul Khader70,000200799India
Anthony Vincent60,00046034India
Ajmal Kollamkudy Khalid50,000130086India
Lipson Koothur Vellattukara Paul40,000177269India
Poyyil Thazha Kunhabdulla30,000199039India
Mohamed Aseeb Chenganakkattil20,000285665India
Sharon Francisco CabelloJeep Rubicon- Series 1013280Philippines

Series 256 Weekly winners

Winner NamePrize AmountTicket No.Web/StoreNationality
Chandra Shekhar100,000142563WEBIndia
Shahana Shemeer100,000306666WEBIndia
Nideesh Chathoth100,000163434WEBIndia
Olakode Kunju Mohamed Hakkim100,000281307WEBIndia
Ajay Vijayan100,000170156WEBIndia
Mujeeb Pakyara Abdulrahman100,000223760WEBIndia
Firose Kunjumon100,00044234WEBIndia
Mohammad Azharul Haque100,000122636WEBIndia
Babin Urath100,00069597STOREIndia
Riyas Parambathkandy100,000281569WEBIndia
Pramod Sasidharan Nair100,00010589WEBIndia
Noor Mohamed Haja Mohideen100,000100581WEBIndia
Naresh Kumar Garidepalli100,000141484WEBIndia
Bimlesh Yadav Tapesar Yadav100,00016768WEBIndia
Shea Mithala100,000122WEBIndia
Tadavarti Anjaneyulu100,000269435WEBIndia

Ticket price

Ticket price for Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Winners List October, Book tickets on official website Check more information.

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1st24K Gold IngotWEBShamim Hossen2662Bangladesh
2nd24K Gold IngotWEBAparna Deepak30018India
3rd24K Gold IngotWEBGert Maria J Kloeck27976Belgium
4th24K Gold IngotWEBManoj Thechiparambil118598India
5th24K Gold IngotWEBAmirdine Mohamed32809Comoros
6th24K Gold IngotWEBRadha Krishnan Kannan180549India
7th24K Gold IngotWEBAbdus Sabur46650Bangladesh
8th24K Gold IngotWEBRahumathulla Abdul Samadh166744India
9th24K Gold IngotWEBMohammad Isma Aurangzeb127568India
10th24K Gold IngotWEBGopi Krishnan123363India
11th24K Gold IngotWEBNitin Karkera169235India
12th24K Gold IngotWEBSupan Barua109613Bangladesh
13th24K Gold IngotWEBMuhammed Riyas Abdul Rubb115268India
14th24K Gold IngotWEBMithun Sathianath124371India
15th24K Gold IngotWEBMunavvir Karuppam Veettil Hyderali73100India
JEEP RUBICON SERIES 10WEBSharon Francisco Cabello13280Philippines
Grand Prize15,000,000WEBMujeeb Thekke Mattieri98801India
2nd100,000WEBAjeeb Omer23536India
3rd90,000WEBSteven Wilkinson169082United Kingdom
4th80,000WEBRaveendra Samaranayake156989Sri Lanka
5th70,000STOREMuhammed Rishad Kannan Kunnummal Abdul Khader200799India
6th60,000WEBAnthony Vincent46034India
7th50,000WEBAjmal Kollamkudy Khalid130086India
8th40,000STORELipson Koothur Vellattukara Paul177269India
9th30,000STOREPoyyil Thazha Kunhabdulla199039India
10th20,000WEBMohamed Aseeb Chenganakkattil285665India
01/10/2023100,000WEBChandra Shekhar142563India
01/10/2023100,000WEBShahana Shemeer306666India
01/10/2023100,000WEBNideesh Chathoth163434India
01/10/2023100,000WEBOlakode Kunju Mohamed Hakkim281307India
25/09/2023100,000WEBAjay Vijayan170156India
25/09/2023100,000WEBMujeeb Pakyara Abdulrahman223760India
25/09/2023100,000WEBFirose Kunjumon44234India
25/09/2023100,000WEBMohammad Azharul Haque122636India
18/09/2023100,000STOREBimlesh Yadav Tapesar Yadav16768India
18/09/2023100,000WEBShea Mithala122India
18/09/2023100,000WEBRiyas Parambathkandy281569India
18/09/2023100,000STOREBabin Urath69597India
11/09/2023100,000WEBTadavarti Anjaneyulu269435India
11/09/2023100,000WEBPramod Sasidharan Nair10589India
11/09/2023100,000WEBNoor Mohamed Haja Mohideen100581India
11/09/2023100,000WEBNaresh Kumar Garidepalli141484India

How to purchase ticket on official website

  1. isit the Official Website: Navigate to the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi official website.
  2. Choose Your Raffle: Browse through the available draws and choose the one you wish to participate in, be it the AED 15 Million Series or the Dream Car Jeep Rubicon Series.
  3. Select Ticket Quantity: Decide how many tickets you’d like to purchase. Sometimes, there are promotions where buying a certain number of tickets may provide an additional ticket for free.
  4. Provide Participant Information: Fill in your personal details, including name, nationality, and contact information.
  5. Payment: Opt for your preferred payment method and proceed to complete the payment. Make sure to keep a copy of the transaction for your records.
  6. Receive Ticket Number: After successful payment, you’ll receive your unique ticket number(s). Make sure to keep this safely, as you’ll need it to verify your win.
  7. Wait for the Draw: Once you’ve secured your ticket, big ticket winner list october all that’s left is to wait for the draw date. You can tune in live to watch the draw or check the results online.
  8. Claiming Prizes: If you’re a lucky winner, big ticket winner list october and follow the instructions provided on the website or contact the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi office for steps on how to claim your prize.

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