Arignar Anna Zoological Park Ticket price: Vandalur Zoo Ticket Booking at Chennai

Arignar Anna Zoological Park Ticket price: The zoo known as Arignar Anna Zoological Park, which was opened in 1855, nowadays is a property of 605 hectares in the Vandalur Reserve Forest located in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. The garden started the doors as far back as 1985 it offers heavenly environment to a 160 species including lions, tigers and blackbucks. Featuring centers like the Children’s Park and Butterfly House it welcomes the families for great days.

LocationGrand Southern Trunk Rd, Vandalur, Tamil Nadu 600048
Time9Am to 5Pm
Establishment Year1855
Relocation Year1976
Current LocationVandalur Reserve Forest, Chennai
Initial Area512 hectares (1976)
Current Area602 hectares (2023)
Official Opening1985
Distance from City Center32 km
Species DiversityOver 160 species, including panthers, jaguars, lions, blackbucks, hyenas, ostriches, bison, and white tigers
Special AttractionsJurassic Park, Children’s Park, Butterfly House, Reptile House, Amphibian House, Shark-shaped Aquarium
Additional FeaturesElephant joy rides, serene environment, dedicated animal zones, and free-roaming areas

Ticket price

Ticket price for Arignar Anna Zoological Park at Vandalur starts from Rs. 50 onwards, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Vehicle / AgePrice for 1 Person
Battery vehicles for adults (Above 12 years)₹100
Battery vehicles for children (5 to 12 years)₹50
Lion and deer safari for adults (Above 12 years)₹100
Lion and deer safari for children (5 to 12 years)₹60

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Visit Official Website: Go to the official website of Arignar Anna Zoological Park.
  2. Select Date and Ticket Type: Choose the date of your visit and the type of ticket based on age and any available discounts.
  3. Check Availability: Ensure there are available slots for the chosen date and ticket type.
  4. Provide Visitor Details: Enter necessary details for each visitor, including name and age.
  5. Review & Confirm: Review your booking details, including total cost. Make adjustments if needed.
  6. Make Payment: Complete the transaction using the provided payment options.
  7. Receive Confirmation: Get a confirmation via email or on the website, including a QR code or booking reference.
  8. Print or Display Ticket: Print or display the QR code on your mobile for entry.
  9. Enjoy Your Visit: On the selected date, present your ticket for a day of exploring Arignar Anna Zoological Park.


Attractions and Highlights

Attractions and Highlights
1. Safari Rides
– Lion Safari
– Deer Safari (temporarily closed)
2. Battery Vehicles
– Guided tours inside the park on battery-operated vehicles
3. Exhibits and Enclosures
– Butterfly House
– Crocodile Enclosure
– Elephant Exhibit
– Reptile House
4. Aviaries
– Walk-through bird enclosures
5. Children’s Corner
– Play area and interactive exhibits for kids
6. Nocturnal Animal House
– Special enclosure for nocturnal species
7. Aquarium
– Marine life exhibits and underwater viewing
8. Zoo Education Center
– Information and educational programs
9. Animal Shows and Feedings
– Scheduled shows and feeding sessions for various animals
10. Botanical Garden
– Collection of plants and trees in a landscaped setting

Interesting Facts

Arignar Anna Zoological Park Highlights
Diverse Wildlife:
– Asiatic lion, bison, white tiger, ostriches, Asiatic wolf, and more.
Cyclone Impact and Renovation:
– Hit by cyclone “Vardah” in December 2016, recently reopened after renovation.
Surrounded by Vandalur Reserve Forest:
– Dense vegetation for environmental balance, earning the name “Vandalur Zoo.”
Facilities for Interaction:
– Amphibian House, Primate House, walk-through aviary, and more.
Butterfly House and Insect Museum:
– Costly construction to attract diverse butterfly species.
Nearby AttractionsNearby Restaurants
Click Art MuseumSRM Chettinadu Restaurant
Dakshina Chitra MuseumABC Food Court
Sri Lakshmi Kuberar TempleAl Safa
Kundrathur Murugan TempleChick Shop
Gold Souk GrandeHoney Spice
Uthukadu Amman TempleSangeetha Restaurant
New Ayyanar Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Things to Do

  1. Explore Diverse Wildlife: Witness a multitude of animals, including blackbuck, lion-tailed macaque, panthers, lions, hyenas, jaguars, and many others.
  2. Enjoy Safari Experiences: Partake in various safaris, such as the thrilling lion safari and the serene deer safari. Each safari has different costs based on age.
  3. Visit the Library: Immerse yourself in the park’s library, offering valuable insights into the living environment and habitats of the diverse animal species.
  4. Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Create lasting memories by bringing your kids and family for an enjoyable day out, making it a popular spot for photography enthusiasts.


What is the history of Vandalur Zoo?

Vandalur Zoo, also known as Arignar Anna Zoological Park and Chennai Zoo, is India’s largest zoo, inaugurated as Madras Zoo in 1855. It spans 1300 acres and is the arignar anna zoological park ticket price and country’s first public zoo.

How many species are housed in the zoo?

The arignar anna zoological park ticket price and zoo boasts a wide animal collection with over 1500 species. It also features diverse flora and fauna, comprising more than 2553 species.

What facilities does the zoo provide?

The zoo offers modern facilities and amenities to enhance the visitor experience.

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