AKSHAR RIVER CRUISE Tickets at Ahmedabad 2024

AKSHAR RIVER CRUISE Tickets: Indulge in a unique dining experience at the AKSHAR RIVER CRUISE set against the picturesque backdrop of Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad. Running from Tuesday, January 9, 2024, to Wednesday, January 31, 2024, this event offers a delightful blend of buffet and fine dining aboard a scenic cruise. Elevate your dining experience with a 1-hour 30-minute journey along the serene waters, complemented by a delectable spread that caters to your culinary desires. AKSHAR RIVER CRUISE is not just an event; it’s an opportunity to savor exquisite cuisine while enjoying the breathtaking views along the Sabarmati Riverfront. Book your tickets now for a gastronomic voyage that promises to be both memorable and picturesque.

LocationSabarmati Riverfront: Ahmedabad
DateTue 09 Jan 2024 – Wed 31 Jan 2024
EventBuffet, Fine Dining | 1hr 30mins

Ticket price

Ticket price for AKSHAR RIVER CRUISE at Ahmedabad starts from Rs.1770 onwards, Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out more details.

Ticket site

Visit the official website to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase ticket online steps

  1. Visit BookMyShow Website or App: Open the BookMyShow website or mobile app on your device.
  2. Search for the Event: Use the search bar and type in “AKSHAR RIVER CRUISE.”
  3. Select the Date and Location: Choose the date of your preference within the event duration (Tuesday, January 9, 2024, to Wednesday, January 31, 2024) and ensure the location is set to Sabarmati Riverfront, Ahmedabad.
  4. Choose Ticket Quantity: Select the number of tickets you want to purchase for the river cruise.
  5. Select Buffet or Fine Dining Option (if applicable): If there are different options for buffet or fine dining experiences, choose your preferred option.
  6. Login/Sign Up: If you already have a BookMyShow account, log in. If not, you’ll need to sign up to proceed with the booking.
  7. Payment: Enter your payment details and proceed to pay for the tickets.
  8. Confirmation: Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email or SMS with your ticket details. You may also find your tickets in the “My Bookings” section of your BookMyShow account.
  9. Show Your Tickets: On the day of the event, either print your tickets or display the digital tickets on your phone at the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad.


Event Highlights

Cruise ExperienceExplore remote rivers in specially-designed luxury small ships.
Ship CharacteristicsHand-crafted in brass and teak, offering old-world beauty. Small scale, informal, and very friendly atmosphere.
Passenger Repeat Rate45% of passengers have sailed with Akshar River Cruise before, indicating high satisfaction and loyalty.
Ambiance and BeautyPassengers return for the special ambiance and old-world beauty of the ships, combined with amazing scenery and onshore cultural exploration.
Passenger-to-Deck RatioHighest passenger-to-deck-space ratio among cruise ships afloat. Plenty of quiet spots for reading, journaling, meditation, or socializing.
Promenade Decks360-degree promenade decks encourage interaction among passengers.
Dining ExperiencePassengers can choose to dine alone, with family, or with friends in the dining room or on deck. Most dietary requirements are catered for. Exceptional level of service, a travel industry legend.
Family-FriendlyCruises cater to all ages, offering activities for the active and outdoorsy as well as options for those who prefer a more relaxed experience. Family-friendly with mountain biking, trekking, and expeditions suitable for older children.
Cultural ExplorationExpert guides lead excursions onshore, providing transportation in the form of cyclos or sampans. Passengers can choose to explore independently or join led excursions.
Cruise PreferencesNot suitable for those seeking private balconies, big flat screen TVs, thick carpets, and formal dress codes. Ideal for travelers seeking unforgettable moments of tranquility, conviviality, and cultural richness amidst breathtaking scenery.


Q: What makes the Akshar River Cruise experience unique?

Q: The Akshar River Cruise experience is unparalleled, focusing on navigating remote and challenging rivers using specially-designed luxury small ships. Each vessel, meticulously hand-crafted in brass and teak, stands as an object of beauty, contributing to the overall charm of the adventure. In contrast to ocean-going cruises, our river cruises offer an intimate and friendly atmosphere, with small-scale ships that ensure a personalized journey.

Q: How are the Akshar River Cruise ships different from ocean-going cruises?

A: The Akshar River Cruise ships are distinct in their small scale and informal, friendly atmosphere. Crafted with precision in brass and teak, each ship is a work of art. Unlike ocean-going cruises, our river cruises provide a more intimate setting, allowing passengers to truly immerse themselves in the unique ambiance and old-world beauty of the vessels.

Q: Why do passengers return to Akshar River Cruise?

A: A remarkable 45% of our passengers this year have sailed with us before, some of them multiple times. They express that the allure of our ships’ special ambiance and old-world beauty is a significant draw. While the breathtaking scenery and onshore cultural explorations are undoubtedly captivating, it’s the unique atmosphere and charm of our ships that keep passengers returning for more.

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