Paris Olympic Qualification tournaments schedule 2024

Paris Olympic Qualification tournaments schedule: Six Olympic Qualification Tournaments are set to determine the final 12 teams qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, with three tournaments for both men’s and women’s competitions. These tournaments will be held between March 14 and 17 for men and between April 11 and 14 for women. Granollers, Spain; Hanover, Germany; and Tatabánya, Hungary, will host the men’s tournaments. The top two teams from each tournament will secure their spots in the Paris Olympics. Notably, the Palau d’Esports de Granollers, known for hosting the finals of the Barcelona 1992 Olympics, will host Tournament 1. The ZAG Arena in Hanover and the Tatabánya Arena in Hungary will host Tournaments 2 and 3, respectively. France, Denmark, Argentina, Egypt, Sweden, and Japan have already qualified for the Olympics.

TournamentDateHost CityHost CountryVenueCapacity
1March 14-15, 17GranollersSpainPalau d’Esports de Granollers6,500
2March 14, 16-17HanoverGermanyZAG Arena9,800
3March 14, 16-17TatabányaHungaryTatabánya Arena6,000

Paris Olympic schedule 2024

Men’s Olympic Qualification Tournament 1 – Granollers (Spain)Schedule
DateMatch Schedule
Thursday, 14 March18:30 CET Spain vs Bahrain, 21:00 Slovenia vs Brazil
Friday, 15 March18:30 CET Bahrain vs Brazil, 21:00 CET Spain vs Slovenia
Sunday, 17 March15:15 CET Slovenia vs Bahrain, 17:45 CET Brazil vs Spain
Men’s Olympic Qualification Tournament 2 – Hanover (Germany)Schedule
DateMatch Schedule
Thursday, 14 March17:45 CET Germany vs Algeria, 20:15 CET Croatia vs Austria
Saturday, 16 March14:30 CET Germany vs Croatia, 17:00 CET Algeria vs Austria
Sunday, 17 March14:10 CET Austria vs Germany, 16:45 CET Croatia vs Algeria
Men’s Olympic Qualification Tournament 3 – Tatabánya (Hungary)Schedule
DateMatch Schedule
Thursday, 14 March18:30 CET Norway vs Portugal, 21:00 CET Hungary vs Tunisia
Saturday, 16 March17:00 CET Portugal vs Tunisia, 19:30 CET Norway vs Hungary
Sunday, 17 March18:30 CET Tunisia vs Norway, 21:00 CET Hungary vs Portugal
Women’s Olympic Qualification Tournament 1 – Debrecen (Hungary)Schedule
DateMatch Schedule
Thursday, 11 April15:30 CET Hungary vs Cameroon, 18:00 CET Sweden vs Japan
Friday, 12 April18:00 CET Sweden vs Hungary, 20:30 CET Japan vs Cameroon
Sunday, 14 April16:45 CET Cameroon vs Sweden, 19:15 CET Hungary vs Japan
Women’s Olympic Qualification Tournament 2 – Torrevieja (Spain)Schedule
DateMatch Schedule
Thursday, 11 April18:30 CET Czechia vs Spain, 21:00 CET Netherlands vs Argentina
Friday, 12 April18:30 CET Netherlands vs Czechia, 21:00 CET Argentina vs Spain
Sunday, 14 April15:30 CET Czechia vs Argentina, 18:00 CET Spain vs Netherlands
Women’s Olympic Qualification Tournament 3 – Neu-Ulm (Germany)Schedule
DateMatch Schedule
Thursday, 11 April17:45 CET Germany vs Slovenia, 20:15 CET Montenegro vs Paraguay
Saturday, 13 April14:15 CET Germany vs Montenegro, 16:45 CET Slovenia vs Paraguay
Sunday, 14 April13:30 CET Paraguay vs Germany, 16:00 CET Montenegro vs Slovenia


1. What are the Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification Tournaments?

  • The Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification Tournaments are events held to determine the last 12 qualified teams for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in handball.

2. How many tournaments are scheduled for the men’s competition?

  • Three tournaments are scheduled for the men’s competition.

3. When will the men’s tournaments take place?

  • The Paris Olympic Qualification tournaments schedule and men’s tournaments are scheduled between 14 and 17 March.

4. Where will the men’s tournaments be hosted?

  • The men’s tournaments will be hosted by Granollers in Spain, Hanover in Germany, and Tatabánya in Hungary.

5. How many teams from each men’s tournament will qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

  • The Paris Olympic Qualification tournaments schedule and top two teams from each men’s tournament will qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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